From an early age Thea became enamored with horses. Spending her holidays in the south of Spain, she was immersed in a rich equestrian culture and heritage.

Back home growing up in central London, she was fortunate to be able to ride both in Hyde Park and Surrey, competing regularly in showing.

But it was these holidays spent immersed in the Spanish way of life that cemented her love of dressage. Their relaxed, warm hearted,"everyone can do it" attitude and deep bond with the horse is something still strong in Thea today.


Over the years she has trained with numerous top coaches including Sandy Philips, Emile Faurie, Lisa Maas, Daniel Sherrif.& Inger Hallberg Von Heine.

Being meticulously focused on a career as a rider, she trained up to grand prix

Unfortunately it was rehabilitating a horse that Thea's dream ended during a freak riding accident.

However with a yard full of home-bred sports horses and a stubborn spirit she began the hard task of her own rehabilitation for a hang man's fracture to her neck and a brain hemorrhage.

With the help of ex-team GB rugby physio Don Gatherer, Thea was able to return to the saddle within 7 months, 5 months earlier than doctors predicted, and all whilst still having 2 fractured vertebrae.


This unique insight into the rehabilitation process has given her a deep understanding of the need for focused and controlled strengthening exercise, an eye for muscle fatigue and the respect for patience during the body's healing phase. Something she ensures is carried over to every horse going through its own rehab.

During these following years, Thea honed her skills training horses from the ground, whilst producing her family's homebreds.

Being able to change a horse's posture, create balance and self carriage whilst building the core strength to actually carry a rider, creates for a safe and successful journey.

Thea has also invested much time in learning the art of saddle fitting and how to support horses from backing to elite performance, including the rehabilitation phase.

With the same meticulous focus, Thea has dedicated her life and career to becoming truly holistic. Studying biomechanics, behaviour, rehabilitation and much much more, Thea aspires to help every horse and its owner become healthy and happy.


2006 BA Marketing Management

2010 BD Young Professionals Award long-list

2011 Equine Biomechanics

2011 Horse 1st Remedial Saddle Fitting

2013 Equine Limb Dissection

2013 SEBC Behaviour Consultant

2014 Kerry Ridgway/Manolo Mendez Symposium

2015 Sharon May-Davis Equine Dissection

2016 Equine Vetkin Taping

2017 Anatomy & Palpation

2017 Veterinary Assessment & Rehabilitation

2018 UKCC level 2 Dressage Coaching

2018 SMS Saddle Flocking & Flocking Adjustment

2019 Basic Leatherwork

2019 Intermediate Leatherwork

2020 Equine Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy (training)