“I simply cannot recommend Thea enough. My mare, Summer, has been very tricky to train and saddle fit has been a particularly difficult issue.

I tried saddle after saddle that looked traditionally perfect but Summer was never comfortable for very long and would get tight and sore requiring physio every five weeks just to keep her in work.

And then we were fortunate enough to meet Thea. She is meticulous in her approach and hugely supportive in every step of the process. The saddle itself has been so carefully thought out and offers unparalleled comfort. We have now had one of her saddles for 3 years and Summer has gone from strength to strength. She is happy, relaxed and ready to dance!

After purchasing Thea continues to offer the same level of care and attention and Summer adores her. I think every horse should be in one of Thea’s saddles"

HELEN & SUMMER - saddle fitting


November 2019 

June 2019

I contacted Thea on physio advice, met about a week later and then Piggy started weekly long reining sessions under Thea’s guidance combined with just walk hacks ridden by my daughter.  It was after a few months he progressed to trot ridden work followed by a lesson for my daughter guiding her to use her body more to give Piggy freedom to move his back more.  He had another thermal imaging session where the changes were incredible.  He has had a new saddle to fit his changed body, he has 6 weekly massages and I do weekly gymnastic groundwork with him.  He’s flying over 80+ fences again and loving life being hacked, visiting the gallops, jumping and dressage lessons.  Thea has taught us all the importance of groundwork and a strong back.  Thea has been a fountain of knowledge guiding me every step of the rehab journey.  Piggy really is a great pony and Thea has prevented him potentially developing kissing spines.

LOUISE & PIGGY - Rehabilitation

SUSAN & MAX 4.jpg

"It was about 5 years ago when I first met Thea Maxfield. I was having problems with saddlers telling me that my saddle fitted ok but I knew something wasn’t quite right.

That’s when I was very fortunate someone recommended Thea and I haven’t looked back since! She instantly understood me and more importantly my horse, she has a natural ability, skill and willingness to look at all the possibilities whilst giving you valuable advice and help during fittings and afterwards.

Since then I have recommended her to others who also feel the same… she has something quite unique and special about the way she works with you and your horse both on and off the ground."


SUSAN & MAX - saddle fitting


"Thea Maxfield  has been helping my horses and myself

for several years now, she has an extraordinary depth of knowledge and understanding of horses both physically and from a behavioural aspect, this alongside Thea’s skills as a remedial  saddle fitter, dressage coach and her vast experience re-habilitating horses after injury leads to a very holistic approach to training both the horse and rider.

I have found this so refreshing and inspiring (even though she does swear a lot and tell me frequently to ‘sit up and look like I know what I am doing’  I love my sessions with Thea !!!).

I never hesitate to recommend to Thea she is brilliant!"

JANE & BILLY - saddle fitting & training

"I had the pleasure of being introduced to Thea in April 2018 through my equine therapist who was treating my horse following a field accident causing hip and hind limb trauma.

After 6 months of box rest he was still lame and after more diagnostics he was then diagnosed with Kissing spines.


My horse, Archie went to Thea to be assessed and begin a rehabilitation process. Not only did we need to rehabilitate him physically, he also had some behavioural issues that needed addressing alongside.

Thea has such a special understanding and empathy with the horses that she immediately understood Archie as soon as he stepped off the trailer. He was taken back to basics with Thea taking her time slowly retraining him. Her understanding of him made him settle and trust her so quickly. 

It was an emotional process and Thea was so supportive throughout. She has helped me to understand and learn more about him and myself and has taught me the groundwork and passed on valuable skills to enable me to continue his rehab at home. 

I know we would not be where we are today without her."

FAYE & ARCHIE - rehabilitation & behaviour


I have had the pleasure of working with Thea as both a teacher and as a student. Thea is a pleasure to work with. I have worked with her on a number of difficult cases to gain a further insight for herself and the owners  and to understand the horses limitations and aid her in training. 

Her groundwork, long reining skills and ability to work within the horses mental and physical balance are an absolute pleasure to watch as the horse explores a new improved way of being. 

Thea is unique in her rehabilitation skills and knowledge of horses and has an excellent way of communicating her skills to students to enable them to help the horse.

Thea has attended clinics with myself and Sharon May-Davis, furthering her skills in biomechanics, anatomy and musculoskeletal assessment to compliment and grow as a saddler, saddle fitter and trainer to improve the wellbeing of horses.  This shows her passion and thirst for knowledge.  

I highly recommend Thea to become a part of your journey with your horse!

Dr. Raquel Butler 

Animal Biomechanical Medicine Veterinarian



"Thea has an extensive knowledge base, which she is continually developing, and comparable practical experience.As an instructor she is able to plan a course timetable and implement it thoroughly. Her presentation skills are excellent – combining great enthusiasm with clarity. Our students are necessarily experienced and mature equine specialists, and Thea quickly gains their professional respect.

As a colleague Thea contributes fully in course planning, and continually reviews the content and presentation to achieve further improvement. She brings positivity, energy and freshness to our team, and her clarity of thought and humour make her a pleasure to work with. Anyone wanting to use her skills as a presenter or teacher will find her an outstanding asset."

STEVE WRIGHT - Co-founder Horse 1st Remedial Saddle Fitting Course

"I have known Thea Maxfield both professionally and personally for over 11 years. Her life and career changed massively after fracturing her neck in 2009. Due to her own rehabilitation pathway she is very passionate about rehabilitating horses and making sure they are comfortable always and especially when under saddle.

I have been recommending Thea as a rehabilitation expert for a number of years.


She is consistent and thoughtful. Her long reining and groundwork skills are second to non. She passes these skills on to the owner willingly, enabling an ongoing support process for the horse.


Horses really settle around her.  She can assess a horse from a behavioural and anatomical viewpoint enabling the therapists who work with her to get to the root of the problem more efficiently."

SUE CONNOLLY - HCPC Physiotherapist, EMRT/EMFR/EMM/Vetkin Taping & IAAT registered

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